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Dancing With Strangers【輸入盤】

S dancing with strangers

Dancing With Strangers【輸入盤】

  • CD
  • 輸入盤

2019.10.18 発売9029.549222

CD1  Original album(2019 Remaster)
1.Joys Of Christmas 
2.I Can’t Dance To That 
3.Windy Town 
4.Gonna Buy A Hat 
5.Curse Of The Traveller 
6.Let’s Dance 
7.Que Sera 
8.Josie’s Tune 
9.Loving You Again 
10.That Girl Of Mine 
11.September Blue 

CD2   Dancing With Strangers Associated Recordings
1. Yes I Do(B side)
2. Que Sera(Single version, Re-recorded‘88)
3. Se Sequi(B side)
4. I’m Taking The Day Out(B side)
5. I Can Hear Your Heartbeat(Extended Mix)
6. Loving You Again(Live version)
7. Danielle’s Breakfast(12” B side )
8. On The Beach(Summer ‘88)
9. Rudolphs Rotor Arm(Previously unreleased)
10. Smile('The Christmas EP’)
11. I Don’t Care Anymore(B side)
12. Que Sera(Down Under Mix)
13. Donahue’s Broken Wheel(B side)
14. Let’s Dance(The Remix)
15. Josephine(French Re-record, B side)
16. Footsteps In The Snow('The Christmas EP’)
17. Driving Home For Christmas(Second version)(from‘New Light Through Old Windows’)