Larrikin Loveラリキン・ラヴ






特に、先日の来日公演で沢山の愛をくれた日本のファンの皆さんには感謝しております。世界でも有数の音楽イベントであるFUJI ROCK FESTIVALに参加できなくなってしまったのは、ずっと出演したいと願っていただけに、大変残念なことです。日本で過ごした時間はラリキン・ラヴにとって最も輝かしい出来事の一つであり、解散した後も、メンバーそれぞれの新たなプロジェクトで、再び日本の友人やファンの皆さんに、近い将来お会いできることを願っています。



Larrikin Love have announced that they are to split up. The band, who released the album, 'The Freedom Spark', in September of 2006 would like to take this opportunity to thank all their fans for their support and kind wishes at this time.

The split is amicable with all members feeling that the musical direction of individual members was incompatible with the process of recording another album together. Edward Larrikin is currently writing tracks for a new album and working with several friends on this project. More details on this will be announced in the fullness of time.

Micko Larkin, Alfie Ambrose and Coz Kerrigan all plan to work on new projects and more details will, once again, be announced in the fullness of time.

Larrikin Love would like to say a particular thanks to their fans in Japan who showed such love and respect for the band during their recent visit. It is with great sadness that they will now not be appearing at this year's Fuji Rock Festival, one of the world's greatest music events and a place that the band had always wanted to appear. Their time in Japan was one of the highlights of Larrikin Love and they hope to see all their new friends and fans in the near future in the new acts that are sure to come from the split of the band.

With much love

Larrikin Love